6209 E CR 6500 Lubbock tx 79403 R79647 


Buy it now price: $27,000

Estimated Repair cost: $34,000

Estimated Rent $950

After Repaired Value: $95,000

3 Bedroom 1 Bathroom 1,044 sq ft

This property is coming on 1 full acre of land with potential to put more properties on the land. The house does need quite a bit of cosmetic work and a good cleaning, also will need a roof. The house does NOT have an HVAC what is on the picture is only a heater. We are wanting to assign our rights to this contract and will be needing to close in the next 45 days.  

If you pay the full asking price you will get the property immedialty, if you come in with a lower offer we will wait (possibly a week) till we get more offers before accepting anything! Happy Investing! 

Contact Samuel @ 432-955-4958 to schedule a time to look at it.